Thursday, September 15, 2011

Five Ways How to Court a Man From The Philippines

The dating culture of the Filipinos is quite complicated due to some influences on it. Different places have different style. In some places courting a guy is a taboo specially in the country side cause they are still practicing the conservative culture of the Filipinos but in the urban area this practice is quite common due to modernization and western influences. So if you are a girl attracted to a Filipino guy here are my tips for them to like you back.

Five ways:

1. Cook a delicious food for them - Filipinos love eating, so this is the best thing to do. But remember you should really be good in cooking. So before you do these, master some dishes that will surely make their tummies happy.
2. Motivate them - Give them support in everything they do. Sending a short message like " you can do it! " will uplift their spirit in an up coming basketball game or job interview.
3. Be with them in their happy and sad moments - Being a shoulder to lean on in times of trouble or sadness and being his drinking or party buddy in his best times is very important to them.
4. Surprise them in a different way - Giving a surprises in an unexpected time is a plus and make it unique as possible like pretending to ask him for a joy ride but instead bring him to his favorite band's gig
5. Treat them special - So it means sending a best-friend like aura is a big no no! show them that you see them as a special person.

So there you go! I hope these tips will help you in your goal of having a Filipino man in your life. Use it as a guide and who knows maybe you'll end up with him sooner than you can imagine. Good Luck!

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