Thursday, November 10, 2011

'Balut' - Fertilized Duck Egg Embryo

This kind of egg called ‘balut’ in the Philippines; ‘balot’ in Malay; ‘pong tea khon’ in Cambodia; ‘kai’ in Laos; ‘hot vit lon’ in Vietnam; ‘khai khao’ in Thailand.

This vendor supplies ‘boiled egg’ is one of the most popular is few region in the South East Asia. Some believed that egg can give extra energy for some people and mostly consumed as snack.

This boiled egg contain high protein and very delicious. I do not find many events like this in Indonesia region, but the salted egg consumed widely throughout the country.

To prepare fertilized egg
The selected duck egg will carefully store in a warm place, or basket that or incubator that can maintain temperature to make sure the embryo will grow perfectly. Will keep the egg about 15-16 day to keep the baby growing up inside of the shell then the eggs are ready to be consumed as ‘balut’

About the image above: fertilized egg balut after 18 days from the local vendor in Cambodia

Cooking the egg
Prepare pot of boiled water and then cook the egg just like to cook a hard-boiled egg. And the street vendor will keep the egg warm all the time when served.

How to eat fertilized eggs
I tried only one time to eat the egg in occasion of wedding party in one of the restaurant in Siem Reap, but I have witnessed many time peoples ate balut in Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines.

In Cambodia
The age of egg about 17-19 days or vary in different province. Boiled egg ‘balut’ consume with mixture of fine salt and black pepper powder, lime juice, laksa leaves (chi pong tea khon), some chili dip and some salad.

Another way to enjoy this egg:  peel the boiled eggs and fried to crisp. Eat with salt, pepper and some salad or green mango salad.

In Thailand
The way to have this egg is mixed as salad; or other way is to have it with lime juice, salt, pepper, coriander leaves and some salad.

In Vietnam
The mature egg about 19-21 days will give more develop chick and feather will start growing. Similarly to Thailand region, in part of Vietnam people consume the boiled egg with salt, pepper, lime juice or vinegar and coriander leaves or saw leaves.

In the Philippines
The balut being consumed after 17 days (as called balu sa puti) with salt, pepper or chili, and lime juice, or vinegar. The egg will not too develop and the chick will have no feather and the bones are soft.

If you wish to visit South East Asia country, please do experience and try this delicacy. You will never forget for this fantastic experience. One of many things you may try before you die.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dirt 3 review

                                                        Rough Terrain Racing
                                                     Platforms: PC, Xbox 360, PS3
                                                     Publisher: Code Masters
                                                     Developer: Code Masters
                                                     ESRB: Teen
                                                     Official Website:

Auto-junkies who prefer gravel over concrete will be please in this Code Master's latest game to it's Colin Macrae rally series, Dirt 3. Dirt 3 refined it's tried-and-tested formula of simulating the conventional rally experience, making it more fun and challenging.

Though Dirt 3 is purely a rally game it has features that changes the way you play compared to other games of its kind. It offers new game plays such as various Party Modes, Gymkhana Mode in which you need to play in an obstacle course where players needs to perform some stunts to earn points and the Hardcore Mode for hardcore players who wants more challenges for themselves. Flashback feature which is useful for corners you  could hardly see coming.

Dirt 3's in-game visuals are also marvelous. With the new snow and rain effects. The Environment is also lush and varied, dust trails looks realistic and damaged models are splendid. The sounds of shifting terrain as you speed along dirt-laden tracks paired with controller vibration is truly thrilling. Dirt 3 is a must for racing fans who wants to enjoy something new and different from the usual road-racing game.

Five Ways How to Court a Man From The Philippines

The dating culture of the Filipinos is quite complicated due to some influences on it. Different places have different style. In some places courting a guy is a taboo specially in the country side cause they are still practicing the conservative culture of the Filipinos but in the urban area this practice is quite common due to modernization and western influences. So if you are a girl attracted to a Filipino guy here are my tips for them to like you back.

Five ways:

1. Cook a delicious food for them - Filipinos love eating, so this is the best thing to do. But remember you should really be good in cooking. So before you do these, master some dishes that will surely make their tummies happy.
2. Motivate them - Give them support in everything they do. Sending a short message like " you can do it! " will uplift their spirit in an up coming basketball game or job interview.
3. Be with them in their happy and sad moments - Being a shoulder to lean on in times of trouble or sadness and being his drinking or party buddy in his best times is very important to them.
4. Surprise them in a different way - Giving a surprises in an unexpected time is a plus and make it unique as possible like pretending to ask him for a joy ride but instead bring him to his favorite band's gig
5. Treat them special - So it means sending a best-friend like aura is a big no no! show them that you see them as a special person.

So there you go! I hope these tips will help you in your goal of having a Filipino man in your life. Use it as a guide and who knows maybe you'll end up with him sooner than you can imagine. Good Luck!

Saturday, September 10, 2011



  Before I start discussing things about this, let me first introduce this word to you. I'm sure the first thing that will come into your mind is What the F is the meaning of this word? Is this even a word?” Don’t panic, everything is under control. Okay so again what is Bromance? According to Urban Dictionary, Bromance is the complicated love and affection shared by two straight guys to the extent that their too close they seem to be like a couple. These couple… I mean these two straight guys even constantly jokes about themselves being gays but they aren’t. 

  Apparently because of this it’s really hard for straight females, Yes, I am indeed a straight female and I’m talking in behalf of my sexual preference that it’s hard for us to determine if those two guys are really straight or not. It may sound funny but yes it’s true. Now-a-days a lot of males do act like females and some of them even dress like females wearing ruffled clothes and pink pants. I can’t imagine having a boyfriend that’s wearing floral printed clothes with matching pink pants and a pink slip on shoes. I’m sure that made people laugh their butts out. I mean who wouldn’t laugh seeing a girl dating a man who looks more like a girl than her. Anyways, I can’t really figure out why do males transform themselves recently. We all know that bromance do exist in the history like in the case of Romans and Greeks loving their male sidekicks like a real romantic partner. That’s why I couldn’t blame the modern males now. I can’t blame them having a really hot guy for a roommate and a best friend without being somehow attracted to him. Well if that’s the case then why would they say that they were straight guys anyway? You know males caressing each others shoulder or hair, hugging each other tightly on public places, slapping each other’s butt, biting and sipping on each other’s food and drinks and so on. You may think that this sounds really exaggerated but it’s not! It’s real and it’s happening!