Saturday, September 10, 2011



  Before I start discussing things about this, let me first introduce this word to you. I'm sure the first thing that will come into your mind is What the F is the meaning of this word? Is this even a word?” Don’t panic, everything is under control. Okay so again what is Bromance? According to Urban Dictionary, Bromance is the complicated love and affection shared by two straight guys to the extent that their too close they seem to be like a couple. These couple… I mean these two straight guys even constantly jokes about themselves being gays but they aren’t. 

  Apparently because of this it’s really hard for straight females, Yes, I am indeed a straight female and I’m talking in behalf of my sexual preference that it’s hard for us to determine if those two guys are really straight or not. It may sound funny but yes it’s true. Now-a-days a lot of males do act like females and some of them even dress like females wearing ruffled clothes and pink pants. I can’t imagine having a boyfriend that’s wearing floral printed clothes with matching pink pants and a pink slip on shoes. I’m sure that made people laugh their butts out. I mean who wouldn’t laugh seeing a girl dating a man who looks more like a girl than her. Anyways, I can’t really figure out why do males transform themselves recently. We all know that bromance do exist in the history like in the case of Romans and Greeks loving their male sidekicks like a real romantic partner. That’s why I couldn’t blame the modern males now. I can’t blame them having a really hot guy for a roommate and a best friend without being somehow attracted to him. Well if that’s the case then why would they say that they were straight guys anyway? You know males caressing each others shoulder or hair, hugging each other tightly on public places, slapping each other’s butt, biting and sipping on each other’s food and drinks and so on. You may think that this sounds really exaggerated but it’s not! It’s real and it’s happening! 

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