Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dirt 3 review

                                                        Rough Terrain Racing
                                                     Platforms: PC, Xbox 360, PS3
                                                     Publisher: Code Masters
                                                     Developer: Code Masters
                                                     ESRB: Teen
                                                     Official Website:

Auto-junkies who prefer gravel over concrete will be please in this Code Master's latest game to it's Colin Macrae rally series, Dirt 3. Dirt 3 refined it's tried-and-tested formula of simulating the conventional rally experience, making it more fun and challenging.

Though Dirt 3 is purely a rally game it has features that changes the way you play compared to other games of its kind. It offers new game plays such as various Party Modes, Gymkhana Mode in which you need to play in an obstacle course where players needs to perform some stunts to earn points and the Hardcore Mode for hardcore players who wants more challenges for themselves. Flashback feature which is useful for corners you  could hardly see coming.

Dirt 3's in-game visuals are also marvelous. With the new snow and rain effects. The Environment is also lush and varied, dust trails looks realistic and damaged models are splendid. The sounds of shifting terrain as you speed along dirt-laden tracks paired with controller vibration is truly thrilling. Dirt 3 is a must for racing fans who wants to enjoy something new and different from the usual road-racing game.

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